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We established Aspekti Bulgaria Ltd. in 2007 to join the experience and to develop the potential of a team of experts in the following areas:
    - Project development, implementation an management of EU funded initiatives;
    - Translation and revision of EU legislation and other official publications;
    - Training and development - drafting of development plans and strategies, provision of language training and VET;
    - Market research;
    - Business support service to SMEs.
Some major projects with the involvement of the team of Aspekti Bulgaria Ltd.:
     - Introduction of Cluster Approach and Establishment of a Pilot Cluster Model, PHARE Programme (BG 2003/004 - 937.02.03);
     - Cluster Development Initiatives - Phase II, PHARE Programme (BG 2005/017-586.04.02)
     - BEST, Leonardo da Vinci Programme (2008-1-BG1-LEO05-00458);
     - TEXT-e, Leonardo da Vinci Programme (LLP-LdV-TOI-2007-TR-026)
     - Gender and Quality. Gender Point of View for Enterprise Process Quality, Leonardo da Vinci Programme (LLP-LDV/TOI/2007/IT/022)
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